Sunday, 8 January 2012

The Gift of Granola

As the festive season begins to fade in our memory. We say goodbye to the last of the Christmas treats, and ponder on the presents we gave and received. But mostly we think about the precious family time that one day a year we all get to share with our closest relatives. 
The b-e-a-u-tiful food is a highlight for most, and for our lot the day started with a delicious bowl of Simple Gourmet Granola. It has become a bit of a tradition to include a batch of this golden goodness on the Christmas menu. Served with a dollop of rich creamy yoghurt-you can't really go wrong. But apparently one large jar was not enough to feed the hungry.  Once word got out about the Pecan, Date and Vanilla didn't take long before the goods disappeared.
And those who missed out, were thoroughly unimpressed.
A mountain of hidden jewels and earthly goodness
Not only was the granola a winner with the fam. It provided the perfect gift for the few lucky souls whom were around pre-xmas. There is nothing more personal than receiving some ol' fashioned home baked goodness, that you can be dam sure was hand-crafted with love.  

If I weren't so busy nibbling on the vanilla-permeated dates and coconut ridden oat mixture, then I could have had more to share. Will definitely work on this one, for the next festive season.

No gift-wrapping required.
Check these cute-wee tartan jars. Edible gift + useful present all in one. Winning combination I say. 


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