Sunday, 13 October 2013

Suave Sweets for Salasai.

Fashion and food seem to be combine in a beautiful, creative and fabulous way. For Relish the memory, NZ Fashion Week 2013 was another excuse (not that I need it) to dust off the apron and spend some quality time in my happy place. Following a few previous catering escapades I was approached by Fashion PR company Public Library to create a selection of sweet treats to match Salasai’s Liberté et Damour Autumn/Winter 2014 Show.

The sweet, sweet spread.

Established in 2006 the kiwi-born brand, Salasai, has gained an amazing reputation throughout the fashion world. With talented designer Kirsha Whitcher working hard to develop a ‘sculptural aesthetically pleasing androgynous’ range. Held upstairs in the stunning venue above Ponsonby Central – I knew I had my work cut out for me to put my best treats forward.

Floral inspiration.

Presented with this gorgeous grey floral print (highly confidential as it had not yet been released to the media).  I drew inspiration, colour and texture from a small square of design and came up with a trilogy of sweet indulgences - petite enough to be enjoyed in 1-2 mouthfuls along with an alcoholic beverage or three.

Cubes of crunchy, gingery, pistachio greatness.

On the menu was:

1.  Pistachio Ginger Crunch – a modern take on the classic, with a base packed with wholegrain oats, coconut and ginger, topped with a smooth layer of smooth gingery spiced icing and finished with a single pistachio. The tan, khaki and green hues reflecting shades found in various pieces of the range.

2.  Raspberry Coconut Slice – an elegant vibrant looking sweet, shaped into small circles and loaded with coconut, egg whites, icing sugar and vanilla, speckled all over with tart raspberries. Inspired by the neutrals creams/whites and drawing on a pinky red from the florals. (Read more about this splendid slice here).

3.  Lemon Polenta Slice w. L&P Chocolate Icing – a real statement piece, small squares of moist lemon-infused polenta & almond meal base, topped with a generous layer of the new Whittakers L&P white chocolate ganache providing a super-sweetness to match the tangy lemon. A class of it’s own, but true to its kiwi roots – much like the Salasai brand itself.

Prepped and ready.

Samples were approved and the beaters were ready. The pantry was stocked up and the action begun. With a few late nights it all came together quite nicely. Show time came on Thursday 5th September, as the models were getting prepped and ready I got to spend the night backstage in the finest god-damn kitchen you have ever seen. Kitted out with state of the art appliances c/o Fischer & Paykel this place was a foodie-utility-heaven. Available to be hired for celebrity dinner-parties, functions and charity events. I only hope one day I get to actually cook in this glorious place.

Coconut Raspberry circles of joy (filter included).

Plenty of careful preparation and specialised reinforcement meant that all was relatively relaxing on the night. Entertained by the talented hands of MAC’s Amber D makeup artists, the beauty of NZ’s top fashion models and the impeccable taste of stylist Dan Ahwa. Distracted only by the need to plate up the goods ready to be devoured – watching those empty plates return to be filled was about as satisfying as it gets.

NZFW 2013 Salasai Show - Photo credit: Adele Krants TV3.

A huge congratulations to Kirsha, Kelly and the Salasai crew, as well as the lovely ladies at Public Library. It was a class-act show on all accounts and simply an honour to be involved in supporting such a stunning collection. So a massive thank you! X

P.S. If you missed out on the Salasai ‘installation’, grab yourself a sweet treat and watch it here.  Or head straight to their website and add a sweet addition to your wardrobe here.