Tuesday, 15 May 2012

The Rolls-Royce of Brownie.

Despite my literary absence, over the last month my taste buds have been treated to some seriously wonderful escapades. For a while now I have been accumulating the goods in the world of 'Chocolate Brownie' and after my recent journey to the nippy south I was able to add the final pieces to my batch of brownie to downie. 

All and more than they are cracked up to be.

Just recently I had one very strange brownie epiphany, where I likened the brownie to a notorious collection of footwear. Unless you are currently living under a bus, your intellect should tell you that The Chuck Taylor/Converse is a staple in any wardrobe. If you don't own a pair, you probably should. With it's endless array of colours and styles this is a shoe suited for every occasion. The same applies for the Brownie. In its endless forms it's presence brings that extra element of joy to any and every occasion. When you consider the matter of personal opinion awarding the 'Best Chocolate Brownie' is a near impossible task. And as my recent discoveries reflect you should always be flexible for change. 

Best eaten and shared with two.

I'll start with my most recent recipe, featured above and served on a momentous occasion earlier this year. One from the infamous Julie Le Clerc. I have to admit the title for this recipe does say... "Best Chocolate Brownie". Surprise, surprise. But time and time again this simple, rich, gooey crunchy combination never ceases to amaze me. She (both Julie and the brownie) have won over even the harshest brownie critics- apparently having 'just the right amount of goo'. Her cracked appearance provides a canvas for that precious sprinkling of white sugary dust, perfect at any celebration. Bliss.

Eureka: Opting for yoghurt is a must, or you may die.

Dunedin holds a good chunk of my top spots to devour the brownie. One word. Eureka. This definitely wins for richness, value for money and chocolate content. In exchange for a five dollar bill, you can receive a dense cube of chocolately goodness. If you are desperate for that sweet cocoa hit and short on coin, this will do you. In fact it has been known to defeat even the most avid chocolate lovers. I suggest splitting it with a friend as you share blurred drunken memories, moan about the cold, and generally attempt to understand the world (or opposite sex). 

Already attacked...the beauty lies beneath. c/o Nova.

Another exceptional brownie can be located at the infamous Nova Cafe. Despite an extensive dessert menu, it is hard to go past the Warmed Chocolate Brownie. Call me biased, but this little beauty is a staple that has and will always be devoured by it's loyal patrons both young and old. Served with it's signature banana and ice cream- it definitely deserves a place on your 'To eat' list. Many a brownie has been consumed by yours truly during a hard nights shift- made all the more sweeter by the champion set of kitchen hands whom prepare it. 

The slut herself.

Slutty Brownies. Named after being considered 'easy' and 'filthy'. A deathly delicious combination of chocolate chip cookie dough, Oreo cookies, chocolate brownie batter and ganache baked into one sinful slice of heaven. These babies speak for themselves. You don't even need to consider yourself a baker to attempt such treats- as you can opt for the 3 x packet variety, and simply assemble the ingredients. Like right here. But thanks to a certain gifted Mr. Stanley, a homemade variety was created and devoured on several occasions during my trip down under and will not be forgotten. 

And so my brownie journey continues with the hope to add a few vegan versions and some more unfamiliar ingredients (aka black beans) along the way. Tuck in.