Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Frugivorous in Summer

Yep, I know. What the hell does that hideous word mean?
According to my mbp dictionary Frugivorous literally means ‘fruit-eating’ and what is more appropriate than that word in Summer.
The abundance of gorgeous, colourful, succulent fruit is something to be cherished during these warm (unfortunately very wet) summer months.
Ahhh, yes please.


Whether its picking your own fresh blackberries, devouring a punnet of sweet blueberries, soaking your strawberries in balsamic and lemon or whipping up a radiant raspberry coulis we all have our favourite recipe for these delightful goodies.

But the one fruit that screams summer, in particular Christmas, more than any other is the beloved and modest Cherry. Every year I look forward to that box in the mail that somehow manages to appear in our fridge. Filled with shiny, succulent, deep red, south island cherries. Unfortunately I am too busy munching them to notice who the wonderful sender is. But whoever you are, I am most grateful! 

Summer in a bowl

But be warned: Addiction to these little beauties can be dangerous.

Despite there appeal, on Christmas my dear cousin brought to the table a very valid point. That first heavenly explosion- somewhere between a pop and crunch- is probably the best your going to get. As your taste-buds enjoy that initial sweet juicy sensation, seconds later, you are slapped in the face by a small hard rock-like ball. That dam little pip. You know the one. Left lying around the house next to the little green stick.
Now close your eyes, and visualize a big juicy apple-sized cherry-free of the pip.
Heaven in your mouth? I think so.

Take note Santa. Cause it will be the first thing on my Christmas wishlist.

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