Thursday, 5 March 2015

Welcoming Wedding Katering.

What better way to welcome the ‘Katering’ (and blogging) world back than with a wedding! Just a few weeks ago a dear friend trusted me to help feed hungry guests and create delicious memories on her special day. Honoured, a little nervous and extremely excited at the chance to attend a wedding, I put together a simple vibrant menu to be served alongside an Artisan Wood Fired Pizza Caravan!

Assembling pre-dinner cheeseboards was my first port of call. These were served on rustic wooden chopping boards, made by hand by the father of the bride. Fresh herb pesto featuring variations of basil, coriander, parsley and rocket were served in mini mason jars alongside a stunning, bright orange-hued capsicum and cashew dip. A generous dollop of creamy garlic hummus was slathered close by. All of these goodies were whipped up by the brides’ family and friends, who utilised their flourishing garden crops – making my job a breeze!

In the cheese department we opted for a Kikorangi Blue, Creamy Brie and Cumin Gouda. With the addition of fresh grapes, poached pear, quince paste, dried figs and marinated olives, they were ready to be mopped up by fresh ciabatta, wholegrain rice crackers and wafer thin crackers. As a true blue cheese lover I took far too much pleasure in portioning the giant wheel of Kikorangi and no guesses who tucked into any ‘extra’ slithers!

Salads were next on the agenda. Two varieties packed with colour, texture and plenty of wholesome vege. Putting my spiralizer to good use I transformed around forty large zucchini into a mound of zoodles/courgetti/zucchini noodles. This green noodle salad was dotted with edamame beans, cherry tomatoes, a bucket load of fresh basil leaves, roasted almonds, lemon juice and dressed in a basil garlic oil. I’m confident the return of empty bowls demonstrated salad success.

Next up was the slightly more substantial Kumara, Orange & Avocado Salad featuring a traffic light combo of colours. Roasted orange kumara, red quinoa, segmented orange, avocado, toasted sunflower seeds, fresh mint and Italian parsley all tossed together with lashings of pomegranate orange dressing. Vegan, vegetarian, diary free, gluten free but even more importantly according to grateful guests – damn delicious!

Dessert time got me barking mad…for the chocolate variety. This simple sweet treat provided a sophisticated finish to the days feasting. Using a base of the infamous Whittakers chocolate I embellished the White variety with ‘Fresh as’ freeze dried raspberries and pistachios. The creamy Five-roll Refined Milk Chocolate was topped with roasted hazelnuts, candied orange chunks and sesame seeds and the Dark Ghana Chocolate was studded with dried figs, coconut chips and roasted almonds.

Re-utilising those stunning wooden boards we finished the platters with a rainbow of melon and stone fruit featuring rock melon, watermelon, honeydew melon as well as apricots, nectarines and peaches. The quirky addition of a Donut tower, was a request from the groom. A pile of freshly baked mini donuts filled with cream and custard, was something to behold, topped off with one giant cream and jam donut perching on top.


And the part you’ve all been waiting for…the CAKE! Being the incredible lady that she is, the bride had the audacity to bake her own cake. A sticky date, pecan and coffee cake at that. It was super moist, full of warming spices and begging to be wrapped in a blanket of salted caramel buttercream. Which much to my delight was my job! Beating butter, icing sugar and salted caramel to oblivion, I lathered the four-layered cake with plenty of smooth sweetness. A light sprinkle of pecans between each layer and a single bright and beautiful sunflower was all that was required. Elegant, kind-hearted and real – just like the bride!

A huge thanks to the help of my creative assistants - Charlotte (also feature photographer) and Briana. And of course to Anna for her faith in my ‘Katering’ X x

Photo credit: Charlotte Yarnton. The genius behind the lens. X

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  1. You are amazing. Your passion and energy for food is incredible and matched with your easy going language your blogs are fabulous. Love, love, love