Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Beetroot = Bestroot

Whether you prefer ‘table beet’, ‘garden beet’, ‘red beet’ or just plain old beet. One thing is for sure this vibrant, finger-staining vegetable is a classic kiwi favourite. If we ignore the fact that the majority of New Zealanders consume the tinned variety, a fresh home-grown beetroot is something to be cherished and devoured in its many forms.

I'm pretty grate.

Beetroot salad is a recent craze that seems to be hitting a bunch of trendy cafes about town. That’s not for any other reason than the fact that they really are great. I have attempted a few variations of the beetroot salad recently, both of which have provided a marvellous addition to their main course counterparts.

4 classy ingredients.

The first was a combination of four ingredients. Although I must emphasise that it did not come from a certain cookbook series. Beetroot, peeled and roasted + Rocket leaves + Goats cheese + Roasted Almonds. A killer combo. The hardest part was choosing a dressing- although not essential it definitly helped all parties to become noble friends. The culinary genius in my household suggested a mandarin infused olive oil. The hint of citrus combined faultlessy to match a meal of freshly caught snapper and some seriously great POTATOES. Did I mention potatoes are seriously great. 

Raw beetroot salad.

Verjuice was the star of my next salad, which consisted of beetroot in the grated variety. Other ingredients included carrot (also grated), garlic, salt, mustard, olive oil and finished with a sprinkle of toasted sunflower seeds. Somehow the fusion of flavours works particularly well if you let it sit for a while before serving. A salad so good that you will forget the risk you run of looking like the latest member of the blood sucking Cullen family, post consumption.

Mad Mash.

Another culinary mastermind in my life suggested I give this vibrant mash a go. And go it did. Despite using the tinned variety for both products my ‘Beetroot and Cannelini mash’ was a raging success. As well as looking like a supermodel on the dinner plate, it had a smooth texture and was packed with flavour. A slightly jazzed up addition to your mash repertoire, I suggest serving it with the freshest fillet of fish you can get your hands on.

Best juice.

Just as the classic kiwi burger is not complete without a slice of the pinky/purple discs. As of recently I feel strongly that my life would also not be complete without this radiant root. I think my dreams will be all the sweeter knowing I can wake up to my morning medley of beetroot, carrot, ginger and various fruits to revive me for the day ahead. The best of roots…I concur. 

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  1. i think you forgot to mention what beets do to your digestive system, however i only skim read it, correct me if i'm wrong :P